“Junk food”, deterioration of the body

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Junk food The truth is that food in general, but when we consume too much, it can accumulate and cause toxic substances. And can cause deterioration to the body

1. White flour, white rice

It’s all around food, but eating a lot Can cause harm to health Because digestion causes the body to lose vitamins, especially B vitamins, minerals, fiber and good fats in the body. It also causes diabetes, fatty liver and heart disease.

2. Sugar desserts

When to digest desserts The pancreas must produce insulin. When the liver is frequently shedding It will cause stress of the adrenal glands. Thyroid gland dysfunction Cause mood swings, depression, and women become aggressive. Including infertility โปรโมชั่น ufabet

3. Soda

It is a drink with high phosphorus. Contributing to bone decay Causing digestive problems difficult Blood sugar imbalance

4. Alcohol

It is Junk food, severe toxic to the body system Destroys the immune system

5. Processed meat

Is a heavy burden of the detoxification system in the liver Reduces the performance of the liver. Processed meats often contain sodium nitrite. Which when combined with stomach acid May become a carcinogen

6. Trans-fat diet And deep fried in oil

The oils in food can turn the benefits of food into carcinogens, heart disease, and immunocompromised.