Ratcliffe is ready to buy Manchester United for just $4 billion

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Foot Mercato reports that Sir Jim Ratcliffe will offer Manchester United for no more than $4 billion.

Earlier, the Daily Telegraph reported that Ratcliffe, who owns Nice in France, was interest in buying Manchester United after the Premier League club open the door to interest parties. Negotiate

In addition to the billionaire owner of Ineos, investors from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United States are also interest.

Recently, Foot Mercato, the French media, revealed that Ratcliffe was interest in the Red Devils, according to the news, but the British millionaire’s offer was still far from that. The Glazers wanted

Ratcliffe ready to make $4 billion offer which is less than the amount of $6 billion according to Glazers family put it in the minimum

Unlike the Qatari capital group, which is ready to go full force, with Sheikh Tahim bin Ahmad Al-Thani ready to enter the field and negotiate with representatives to win Manchester United.

Clarity is expect to come in the weeks ahead of next Friday’s Manchester United Stakeholders Conference.

Now, as reported by Bloomberg, the English businessman has hired Wall Street firms JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to assist and guide him through the takeover process. The report states the two investment banks are prepared to back the billionaire with loans and bonds to complete the takeover.